How Much (GAS) Do THEY Suck?

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Net Price to End Customer / Motorist - 65.32 / Lit

That is about the price per Liter of Petrol in Bombay today at 66.40 / Lit. (The slight difference is perhaps something that the refiner (the guy who is making the STUFF) can hope to make once in a while to recover hedging and other loses but that too will be taxed)

Close to 50% of the Retail price of Petrol you pay is only taxes and they are talking of a 6th revision in Excise duty in the coming weeks. In a period of 10 months!

For diesel the taxes are about 34% of Retail Price. Everything else more or less remains the same.

So much in the name of preventing inflation and spurring growth!

The king of Saudi Arabia is more benign than the Govts of our so called democracies. The latter are making 10x more without doing anything. A billion people are silent. No one questions the rogue state.