Business and Process Productivity

Business and Process Productivity

Business and Process Productivity.
Business and Process Productivity.

Running factories, trucks or warehouses. Productivity has differing drivers and varying significance.Productivity of a business process, task or activity is not the same as efficiency or your ability to utilize your resources to the
max. Productivity is usable output and you will never really get to utilize anything to 100% forever.

Try what you can with best of planning. Mathematically too not possible.

  • Should I define all these 10 packing lines a one work centre because they all produces identical substitutable products?
  • Why is the turnaround time of batch production so long when apparently it takes only 20 minutes for the main operation?
  • How are bottlenecks defined and measured?
  • Why is the waiting times for packaging so long?
  • What is my capacity utilization?
  • Why are trucks taking so long in the factory before they leave?

These are complex loaded questions and answers need much analysis of existing process before the recommendations constitute a part of business as usual or before you develop a new process around planning and fulfillment processes.

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