Deployment and Fulfillment

Deployment and Fulfilment

Deployment & Fulfillment
Deployment & Fulfillment

Keeping promises is hard. Even when you have all the material and resources at your disposal. It just isn’t there the minute it was needed. Execution may be a ‘no-brainer’ but then try fulfilling a multi-product order with products made at 4 locations and you will quickly realize 80% of your orders were never completely filled.You either rationed some bit here and there. Changed your source of supply. Substituted some alternate products and pushed something else that your customer didn’t want. But these aren’t the only constraints.There are physical constraints too.

No trucks. No space. Customers have logistical restrictions. Then there is all sort of ‘custom’ requirements expected from ‘standard’ products. Your order to ship processing costs could have been much more expensive than you thought.But thankfully there are tools like Global ATP we creatively set up to manage plethora of distinction that needs to be made in customer priorities and product shortages.

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