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SAP PP Process Industry solution design expert to engage for a couple of weeks for evaluating a Blueprint (technical specifications of the solution) to provide a third person perspective. Implement-ability, Comprehensibility and

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Understand the customer requirements (sales & forecast) from the sales & marketing. Workout machine and material scheduling to meet the committed customer deadlines.Communicate the possible shipment dates against order after (re)working the production schedules Planning Ahead: Tactical and Strategic Planning:

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You should be fully conversant with the nuts and bolts at work here, incl. the possible fallout's of such implementations in Business as usual. You will be working on improving the quality of supply plans on an ongoing basis (or perhaps developing / enhancing the explanation

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Spread the thoughtsAbout Our Client A well-known corporation Job Description SAP Global ATP Expert-Circa Desired Qualifications YOU should have designed and/or maintained 2 large scale implementations on Global ATP involving functionalities like Rules based ATP, CTP and BOP. Clear understanding of ATP use cases in Sales, Purchasing and Transfer scenarios is a must. Good skills […]

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Sophisticated Business Applications in Supply Chain Planning, Procurement, Analytics and in general availability of  information pertaining to demand and supply signals almost near real time has prompted a new set of expectations from Supply Chain Managers, Demand Planners, Supply Planners, Production Managers, Customer Service Managers and Procurement Managers. You are constantly doing the math to balance demand, supply, costs and service levels.

In the most efficient and profitable way possible. Using information from ERP and Business Intelligence systems apart from external intelligence. Supply Chain Managers have an increasingly complex role to play when businesses expand globally. Esp. in terms of setting up the functional and technical organizations, Business processes in demand, supply and fulfillment Apart from managing the business as usual. The modern supply chain manager is expected to have a key evangelical role to influence the selection and deployment of right kind of software tools needed to run a world class supply chain organizations.

The Management Technician is not only well placed to understand the changing dynamics of modern supply chain management functions but also understands the organizational context in which corporate Human Resources are struggling to find the right talent. More importantly the yardsticks by which roles and performance metrics of such managers need to be measured.

And the assessment parameters for skill and knowledge evaluation. Now and in the future.A manager who is not only good at Business as Usual but also has the solution vision to run supply chain functions in the most efficient way possible. Globally. By leveraging the technologies available out there. Someone who doubles up as a consultant and a project manager too to get the organization quickly adopt change in a world where being real time is no longer a nice-to-have thing. A critical skill that no one single academic degree adequately trains you for. It comes from practice, awareness, aptitude and appetite for learning several things online. Unfortunately very few manage to keep pace in this journey. We know those who keep walking.

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